It’s not so bad if it’s not all at once…

20 08 2010

I spent more time than I should have this morning agonizing over whether to sell off another piece of my humanity and sign up for Twitter.  (Agonizing implies more thought went in to the decision though, it was more like staring blankly at the screen and the “create” button until I realized there wasn’t really any reason not to push it).

What I’m really feeling now though is the guilt of the letter-writer over opening myself to another form of electronic media.  I like writing letters.  I like getting letters in the mail, and no, bills do not count.  I like the texture of really high quality paper.  I have a fountain pen collection.  Facebook, Twitter, Blogging…  I think I’m having social-networking buyers remorse.

Do I really want to tell everyone what I’m doing in real-time?

Yep.  Rather fits with the whole princess thing and the fact that I never grew out of that 3-year-old-child-frantically-waving-arms assertion of “look at me!!”.




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