I say "aboot" as often as you say "tomater"

11 05 2010

Everything sounds so much better when you say it with an accent.

This is why even companies that make bubble gum use them to convince us that their product is sooooo much better and will not taste like dry flavourless shoe leather in 5 minutes like that other nasty gum not being sold by people with delightful and trustworthy accents.

So, when Prince Charming (more on why I call him that later) tells me that something is “going to be just fine” I have a very hard time saying otherwise.  His sweet southern accent makes me want to believe everything he says.  When we’re actually nearer than 2500 miles I sometimes find that I have no idea what he’s actually speaking about because I’ve gone all goggle-eyed and I may be drooling just a little simply listening to the cadence of his voice.  It is wonderfully soothing but he can make my insides do flips when he pitches it down just a notch and gives it a bit of a rumble in the undertones.  Dear man that he is, he’s indulged me in such unmanly ways with that timbre (but more on that later too).

His voice is my kryptonite.

We don’t argue much at all, though we do often disagree… especially on politics… But when we do argue I find it completely frustratingly impossible to stay upset.  I’m done for when he says “Baby”, I completely loose my train of thought and wonder what I was arguing for in the first place.  I have the terrifying premonition that not only will this have devastating consequences for my future ability to be a bossy short angry Canadian, but it may also be very detrimental to my innate desire to win.  I dread the thought that I may be completely crippled and converted into a quivering mass of maternal instinct by the accents of any future progeny….  I’m doomed.




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